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The Gilbert Center at UC Berkeley

The Gilbert Center at the University of California at Berkeley fosters research related to the economics of industrial organization and health care markets. As health care spending increases and competition policy becomes more complex, it is crucial to develop economic tools and produce economic evidence to shed light on the key problems society faces in these areas.

The Gilbert Center supports both policy-oriented and methodological research by hosting conferences and seminars, supporting researchers with grants and partnering with businesses and policymakers to generate research opportunities. In addition to supporting the generation of and discussion of research in the academic community, a key goal of the center is to effectively translate and disseminate research to the business and policy communities. The center was established in 2017 with an endowment from Rich and Sandra Gilbert.


Past Event – Lessons for U.S. Health Reform: Ideas from Health Care Around the World

Past Event – International Health Systems in Perspective: Lessons for U.S. Health Reform