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SICS Marketing Conference

The SICS Marketing Conference provides a setting which enables researchers interested in competitive strategy in marketing and industrial organization, broadly defined, to and discuss research in this area for an extended period, exchange ideas, and engage in collaborative work. The conference co-chairs in 2017 were David Godes and Jiwoong Shin.

The research area is competitive strategy, including both theoretical and empirical work.Topics covered may potentially include pricing, price discrimination, brand equity, brand strategies, brand extensions, digital marketing, product design, new product development, advertising, promotion, distribution channels, sales force management, e-commerce, customer relationship management, strategic alliances, social media marketing, customer retention, lifetime value of customers, customer equity, and psychological phenomena relevant for competitive strategy. The conference had also a Data Analytics & Marketing special session day, which was coordinated by Ronald Goettler and Przemyslaw Jeziorski."